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YSL's Beauty Pen

The quick make-up solution to brighten and refresh your face throughout the day. A gorgeous beauty pen to keep in your desk drawer or pocket book. You are one click away from beauty!

While recently visiting family in Dallas, I was shopping at Neiman Marcus at North Park Mall. The YSL counter is one of my favorite spots; I always stop by there because I’m in love with their lipstick. That day, I was introduced to a fabulous new item that I have been obsessing over ever since.

YSL beauty pen

It’s a foundation highlighter in a pen form that is commonly referred to as the “clicker pen.” When applied to various areas on the face where there may be wrinkles or dark patches, it completely brightens up the face, giving a much more refreshed look. It is said to be the number one selling product in the whole Neiman Marcus store at North Park. For $37.00 it will last for months and is easily carried for travel or in your purse. It’s an item I can no longer live without! Available at NEIMAN MARCUS.
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