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Turn up the volume on your own Femme-Fatale


FATALE promises one-stroke voluptuous volume

I admit it: I am a Lancome mascara devotee. I have tried so many brands (and still continue to do so as an occupational mantra) but I just keep going back to Lancome--as do millions of women. Not only are their formulas fantastic but they really have a "mascara wardrobe" to choose from. I keep three different formulas and use each one based on the occassion...daytime, evening, and now with FATALE, high-drama!

I have done many photo shoots (and magazine covers) with the fabulously talented Ross Burton. Burton is Lancome's National Artistic Director and believe me, he knows his stuff! His tip: "Apply mascara to lashes by slowly turning the 3-D comb upward and outward. Us the tip of the want to 'wing' the outer lashes and add a more dramatic, open effect to your eyes."

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