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Progress, Not Perfection

Carré Brennan Otis Sutton shares her personal journey and insights on losing her post-pregnancy baby weight and avoiding the tabloids.
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My Awakening

Model, mom and author Carré Brennan Otis Sutton shares her personal awakening...
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Impossible Possibility - 03

Part 3- A Pregnant Journey: body image, diet, & beauty Is it possible that we all arrived here the exact same way? Was there some kind,...
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Impossible Possibility - 02

I remembered this feeling: Sitting in my OBGYN’s office three months earlier, watching the countless women stream in and out with husbands by their side...
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Impossible Possibility - 01

In December of 2005, after six years without a menstrual cycle, and a few weeks before our wedding, my fiancé Matthew and I decided to...
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