My Awakening


Model, mom and author Carré Brennan Otis Sutton shares her personal awakening

At what level are we willing to live our lives? To what extent will we allow ourselves to dive right in and experience what has manifested before us?

As a new mother I am facing these questions on a daily basis. After giving birth to my daughter Jade Yeshe Sutton on November 11, 2006, I find myself looking long and hard at every crossroad, realizing just how much my decisions will impact other beings. A sense of awareness and responsibility has come over me in a way it never had. I now see that there is a consequence to my every action.

Lets face it, we are living in a time where few seem to realize the cause and effect of our very existence. Bringing up baby in the 21st century poses new questions and concerns for mom’s everywhere. We leave a footprint behind, from the diapers we chose to purchase that contribute to landfill mass, the gas or bio-diesel vehicle's we chose to fill the tank for carpool. And not all of our choices are so clear or concrete. Morally, consciously, ethically, how are we contributing? What message are we sending our young ones? What world are we creating for them to live in? If you try to stay current with the seeming "norms" of society the trends of cultural demand, one risks missing out on all that there is to learn from the experience's that arise.

Pregancy is a good example: it is one of the most precious and profound moments of a woman's life, and in many ways one of the most challenging. It is the beginning of a change that will last forever. Although it is full of excitement and wonder, there is an element that moves us far from our place of comfort, not only reshaping our bodies but also our view of the world we live in our future. The opportunity for change, choice and awareness during this time is extraordinary. Pregnancy allows us a pause from our normal business and affords us a moment to reflect in ways we never have. It is meant to be a time that we honor ourselves, yet today there seems to be great conflict in creating this kind of space.

Within the fast pace of our world we seem to have lost touch with what is sacred, we have forgotten that within the stillness, we arrive at our center. My pregnancy allowed me the time to reflect on the cause and effect of one's actions. We should all make the time in our busy schedules to honor ourselves and those around us--pregnant or not.

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