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Expert innovator Jen Groover answers our viewer's question about taking a business idea to the next level. Here, Groover's advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur and strike the mom/executive balance with finesse.

Dear Jen,

You are not only a successful entrepreneur and innovator, but also a woman and mother. Like you, many women, mothers or not, have ideas of their own for products or services, but they aren't sure how to bring those ideas to life. I saw you on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch-you were great! What do you recommend to women who are at this stage and want to move to the next level?

Caroline S.- Mobile, Alabama

Entrepreneurs built the United States of America. It blows my mind that today, in our society, we are still not properly educated on how to start a company, launch a product or concept. To most it is still a hidden mystery. It is unfortunate. One of my life missions is to raise this awareness and forge forward in helping unravel these mysteries and give people that powerful knowledge that allows them to be truly “free�? to choose. I think it is CRUCIAL that we start teaching these foundation skills in schools immediately but also to adults and somewhere in the future we will have a society of people who all have the knowledge, confidence and choice to truly be whatever they want; whether working in a corporate environment or be an entrepreneur, inventor, etc.

There is not a day that goes by in my life that I am not approached by someone with an idea and they are desperately searching for guidance in how to make that idea come to fruition (of course without wasting a lot of time or losing money). Men approach me with their questions but more often than not it is women. I am sure that is because women are more comfortable asking another woman for advice but my observation is also that women are such multi-taskers that they are always troubleshooting. As mothers, women get so many ideas because they are trying to maximize their time because it's so limited – so many mothers get ideas because they are trying to make their lives easier and successfully quarterback everyday.

My number one piece of advice to start is to not be afraid of judgment and failure. My second piece of advice is to study what others have done to “make it�? and move forward with the belief system of “what if?�?, “why not?�?, and “why not me!?�? Thirdly, make sure you surround yourself with people who share that same mindset. This might cause you to change some of your friends but that is OK. You need to realize that the people you surround yourself with can severely affect who you are and who you become, whether good or bad, you have the power and ability to choose.

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