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chef Kerry Heffernan, restaurateur Leyla Marchetto, author and food writer Andrea Nguyen

CULINARY WEEK on THE CESLIE SHOW featuring Chef of South Gate in NYCs Jumeirah Essex House, Kerry Heffernan, Savuer editor and author of Asian Dumplings Andrea Nguyen, Co-owner of Scuderia, following in her father's footsteps (NYCs Da Silvano for 34+ years), restaurateur Leyla Marchetto.


Leyla Marchetto on ceslie.com

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Raised in the heart of the restaurant business (her father has owned Manhattan’s Da Silvano for 34+ years), Leyla always had a penchant for working within the hospitality industry. After graduating from Georgetown University and working for several years in luxury lifestyle public relations, she took the leap and decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and became a co-owner in Scuderia, her first venture as a bona fide “restaurantress.”

Scuderia Restaurant, 257 6th Avenue, New York, NY, Tel: +1 212 206 9111


Kerry Heffernan on ceslie.com

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Kerry Heffernan is Executive Chef at South Gate Restaurant in New York’s Jumeirah Essex House hotel. South Gate offers a distinctive and seasonally-inspired menu in spectacular Tony Chi designed surroundings showcasing Central Park.

South Gate Restaurant, 154 Central Park South, New York, NY, Tel: +1 212 484 5120

Andrea Nguyen on ceslie.com

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author, food editor
Andrea Nguyen is a celebrated food writer and teacher with a unique ability to interpret traditional Asian cooking styles for modern cooks. Her work appears in the Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, and Saveur magazine, where she is also a contributing editor. Andrea's first book, "Into the Vietnamese Kitchen," received multiple prestigious award nominations and her new cookbook "Asian Dumplings" was released by Ten Speed Press (Random House) in August 2009.


It was great fun having Leyla Marchetto, the co-owner of Scuderia on my show today! If you missed the live interview, you can listen any time on-demand on the player above. I asked Leyla to share her tips and recipes for two of my favorite dishes at Scuderia, The Beet Carpaccio and the Burrata su Crostone. They are simple and delicious and as you will hear in he interview, really epitomize the simplicity of Northern Italian cuisine as Leyla describes in the interview.

If you are a customer of her father's restaurant, Da Silvano, you should visit Scuderia--located right across the street. Or, if you plan to visit Manhattan, make sure to visit both restaurants. Feel free to call Leyla at 212-206-9111 and tell her I sent you!

Burrata* su Crostone – Country Bread with Prosciutto, Burrata & Black Truffles

*Burrata is a fresh cheese, made from Mozzarella and cream. Similar in appearance to fresh mozzarella, burrata is actually softer inside, as it contains a mixture of mozzarella and cream. It is a reach and heavenly cheese, served best when fresh and at room temperature.

If you want to impress your dinner guests (or just make yourself a great treat) try making one of our most popular dishes at home. We serve the dish with freshly grated black truffles, but you can use truffle oil (which is much easier to get and way less expensive) and it will still taste wonderful.

While you probably won’t find burrata at every supermarket, you should be able to find it at a specialty foods store like Whole Foods Market, or your local Italian food market or deli.

- Country Bread (Or your favorite bread) - Sliced Prosciutto - Burrata (4 oz per serving) - Truffle Oil (Or just olive oil if you don’t have the truffle oil)

-Cut thick slices of your favorite bread—something with a good crust. (If it is not fresh, you can toast it or warm it up in the oven to crisp it up.) -Lay out as many pieces of the bread as you want (1 per person should work as an appetizer, while you may want more after you taste it…) -Lightly drizzle the bread with the Truffle Oil or Olive oil – just to moisten the bread. -Lay a slice of prosciutto on each piece of bread. -Cut the burrata into as many pieces as you need. Since the burrata is pretty rich and will spread easily when soft, you should be able to get several portions from one piece. 4 ounces of burrata is a good amount per person. -Drizzle with oil olive or truffle oil -Top with black pepper (if you like)


Beet Carpaccio is really popular (and vegetarian) dish on our menu. It is a light dish made with sliced beets, frisee salad and goat cheese.

If you want to try to make this dish at home, you might ask your local deli or supermarket to slice their cooked beets for you ahead of time, so you can avoid the mess of cleaning, cooking, cooling and slicing the beets yourself. Then you can just lay the beets flat on a plate, add some of your favorite salad (already dressed and tossed with salt, olive oil and vinegar), add crumbled goat cheese, and top with pepper if you like.


Balsamic vinegar can be great…when it’s used in the right way. I think it is overused in America, and often drowns out the taste of the rest of the dish, especially in salads where you want to taste the ingredients rather than just the dressing. In Italy, it is less often used, and often reserved for eating with cheese. My father actually enjoys eating aged balsamic on his ice cream – either Vanilla or Yogurt flavor. Try using red or white wine vinegar instead of balsamic on some of the dishes you love, and see if you like it for a change.

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