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Since founding the Momentum Women™ social media and service organization in September of 2006, CESLIE- THE WOMEN'S NETWORK™ has hosted the Company's social and business affiliate Momentum Womenfor the members and invited guests to gather and honor a woman with the Momentum Award™ who personifies the qualities that set the standard for today's modern woman. On November 11th 2008, CTWN and TD Bank were pleased to honor author, columnist, activist, and pet advocate Julia Szabo with the 10th Momentum Award™.

The host committee of Doris Athineos, Sandra DeFeo, Kim Fernandez, Phoebe Cates Kline, Dr. Diane Levitan, Carré Otis, Marisa Acocella Marchetto, Susan Petree, Beth Stern, Cynthia Ekberg Tsai, Adrienne Vittadini, Bettina Werner, & Ceslie Armstrong all support honoree Julia Szabo's platform and years of dedication in supporting animal rights and awareness about various animal-related causes.

Julia Szabo is an author, columnist, pet expert and advocate who can speak the language of all our little friends. She is a lifestyle expert who explains what a pet needs in living the cozy life. We like our homes to suit our personality and lifestyle and Julia explains in her book "Animal House Style: Designing a Home to Share With Your Pets" how to have a home, that suits you and your pet. She even reupholsters found furniture to be stylish and pet friendly that is exclusively sold at Phoebe Cates Kline's Madison Avenue store Blue Tree. She is the author of five books as well as penned feature articles  for The New York Times Magazine, Town Country, The New Yorker, Centurion, Hallmark, and The Bark.  Julia has a weekly column in the Sunday New York Post "Pets" and the column "You Your Pet" for Hearst's Country Living magazine. She's also a frequent guest of Sirius Radio's Martha Stewart channel, where she regularly answers callers' questions live on "Morning Living." Julia's Manhattan's apartment and upstate country home are designed in mind for her pet rescued dogs and cats. Visit her on the web and


The Momentum WomenTM gathered for cocktails, business networking, and hors d'oeuvres to honor Julia in the elegant pet-friendly flagship location of TD Bank on Madison Avenue located near Bryant Park where Fashion Week is held annually twice a year. The Momentum Women were encouraged to bring their special guests-- their adorable pet dogs--in keeping with TD Bank's policy of being "pet friendly" at their branches where they provide doggie treats and water. Guests attendees also included executives and spokespeople from the  New York Humane Society and North Shore Animal League, including host Beth Ostrosky. The event captured the spirit of women who share the drive to be represented as a whole to the animal community. 


Ceslie Armstrong, Julia SzaboKathryn Parter, Beth Goehring, Paula BatsonMacDella Cooper, Farrah FogartyStephanie Rudnick, Dr. Jennifer Walden, Tomoe Odahara

(L) Ceslie Armstong, Julia Szabo (LC) Kathryn Parter, Beth Goehring, Paula Batson (RC) MacDella Cooper, Farrah Fogarty (R) Stephanie Rudnick, Dr. Jennifer Walden, Tomoe Odahara

Hilda Frost, Evie EvangelouCeslie Armstrong, Dr. Fran Gare, Dr. Judith Hellman Tomoe Odahara, Jennifer Zimmons, Dr. Jennifer Walden, Letitia Pichot de CayeuxJulia Szabo, Tere Stouffer

(L) Hilda Frost, Evie Evangelou  (LC) Ceslie Armstrong, Dr. Fran Gare, Dr. Judith Hellman (RC) Tomoe Odahara, need name? Jennifer Zimmons, Dr. Jennifer Walden, Laetitia Pichot de Cayeux (R) Tere Stouffer, Julia Szabo


Alisa VittiKaren Freid, Julia SzaboJulia Szabo, MacDella Cooper, Ceslie Armstrong

(L) need name, Alisa Vitti (C) need name, Dr. Jill Elliot, Julia Szabo, need name (R) Julia Szabo, MacDella Cooper, Ceslie Armstrong 

Divya Gughani, Caroline McBrideDr. Jill Elliot, Julia Szabo, Dr. Diane LevitanJulia Szabo,Patricia Sorenson, Dr. Judith HellmanCharlotte Barnard, Julia Szabo

(LC) Divya Gughani, Caroline McBride (LC) Dr. Jill Elliot, Julia Szabo, Dr. Diane Levitan (RC) need name? Juila Szabo, Patricia Sorenson, Dr. Judith Hellman (R) Charlotte Barnard, Julia Szabo


Julia SzaboHeidi Reinberg, Julia Szabo Lori Lambert, Julia Szabo

 (L) Julia Szabo (C) Heidi Reinberg, Julia Szabo (R) Lori Lambert

Beth Ostrosky, Julia Szabo, Ceslie ArmstrongJamie Ahn, Julia Szabo, Christine PressmanJulia Szabo

(L) Beth Ostrosky, Julia Szabo, Ceslie Armstrong (C) Jamie Ahn, Julia Szabo, Christine Pressman (R) Julia Szabo

Anita Sarko, Julia SzaboStephanie Rudnick, Ceslie ArmstrongMacDella Cooper, Beth OstroskyCheryl Mills, Julia Szabo

(L) Anita Sarko, Julia Szabo (RC) Stephanie Rudnick, Ceslie Armstrong (LC) MacDella Cooper, Beth Ostrosky (RC) Cheryl Mills, Julia Szabo

Emily Lansbury, Sandra DeFeo, Anne-Marie KarashDr. Diane Levitan, Julia Szabo, Ceslie ArmstrongBeth Ostrosky, Julia Szabo

(R) Emily Lansbury, Sandra DeFeo, Anne-Marie Karash (C) Dr. Diane Levitan, Ceslie Armstrong (R) Beth Ostrosky, Julia Szabo

Evette Rios, Ceslie ArmstrongSabina Gill, Ceslie Armstron, Susan Petree

(R) Evette Rios, Ceslie Armstrong (L) Sabina Gill, Ceslie Armstrong, Susan Petree










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