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Honoree Patricia Scheller


On Tuesday March 31, 2009 Momentum Women™ awarded Patricia Scheller for her excellence in advances to healthcare and dedication to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease with the 12th Momentum Award™. “This award means an awful a lot to me,” said Patricia Scheller with the look radiance accepting her Momentum Award™ at World Bar at Trump World Tower at the United Nations Plaza in New York City. The host committee for the event included HOLLY CAO, MACDELLA COOPER, ALEXANDRA J. LANSKY, MD., ROXANA MEHRAN, MD., JUTTA SAYLES, CYNTHIA EKBERG TSAI, JENNIFER K. ZIMMONS, PH.D. & Momentum Women founder and president CESLIE ARMSTRONG.

The Momentum Women™ members were excited to honor the C.E.O. of Prescient Medical for her life long commitment and dedication to the medical arts. Patricia Scheller is successful, powerful, and smart and shared her stories of motivation. She beamed with happiness accepting the award in her purposely selected St. John heart-colored red suit expressing she was there to speak with women about heart health. Scheller captivated the attendees as she spoke with conviction and strength to educate and tell her story of why cardiovascular disease awareness speaks to her heart. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women over any other cancer or disease.“500,000 women die from cardiovascular disease and that is more than twice the number of all forms of cancer deaths combined.” Patricia told the members of Momentum Women™ who were surprised by this statistic. Many members commented that they love attending the Momentum Women™ events because they know they will learn so much directly from the honoree.

Scheller's studies and career path often lead her to be surrounded in male dominant classrooms, institutions, and corporate environments. She shared the story of when she went into a large board meeting with a huge table seated with only men: “Their faces where as red as this outfit,” joked Scheller. Scheller's advice and demeanor about using wit and intelligence when confronted with an imbalance in a professional situation was appreciated by the crowd. Her conviction stood with her as she let the women her personal and professional journey, “Pat is a rockstar!” stated Evette Rios. Patricia has worked to develop markets for groundbreaking new technologies including being on the team that developed the first coronary stents and coronary diagnostic screening tests. According to Scheller, many women don’t know that they have cardiovascular disease and it’s the later effects that can lead to death. We learned that most studies on cardiovascular disease are done on men, which have completely different symptoms than women. Women who have had cardiovascular disease have in the past been casted off by their doctors as just having stress because of the lack of research on women and that is why women have been victims to this disease. The most valuable things that the Momentum Women™ left with were a new awareness.

Scheller has dedicated over twenty-five years to educating people and her personal mission to improve the health of her community. She expressed, “The maind thing to do to prevent cardio vascular disease is to promote awareness.” How to take part in Pat’s amazing work? Spread the word. There are screening tests such as the HRSRSC Test that you can take to see if you are susceptible to the disease. “Eye opening!" said Nicole Ihassz, "with HSCRSC blood test I learned of an option, and I want that test!” Julia Szabo said about HSCRSC and learning so much from Scheller: “Such a wonderful service to remind us women we are at risk for heart disease. Keep it all top of mind so we can maximize our time on earth and achieve everything we are meant to be.”

The women always enjoy the glamorous atmosphere of the World Bar at Trump World Tower including the tasty hors d’oeuvres, stylish Skky Vodkas POMtinits, and goodie bags provided by sponsor Prescient Medical with healthy heart products and tips. The women networked about their business careers, goals, and cardio vascular disease awareness strategy. “A smart and talented group of women in a wonderful networking opportunity,” said Jennifer Zimmons. The Momentum Women™ vision has always been to bring great women together from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to offer a great network full of different perspectives and experiences. “The MW event was fabulous and inspiring as usual!" said designer Kathlin Argiro, "unexpected and very important knowledge for women shared in a social and fun environment.” Added Irma Dahmuis, "As always another successful event for Momentum Women™ filled with great conversation and a new awareness to better women and keep our momentum going! Ceslie is on the move to push women to do more and be more!”


Patricia Scheller, Dr. Jennifer Levine, Jennifer K. Zimmons, PHDF. Puma, Jennifer PumaMacDella Cooper, Ceslie Armstrong, P. HollisKaren Abrams, Celia Serbin

(L) Patricia Scheller, Dr. Susanne Levine, Jennifer K. Zimmons, PHD (LC) F. Puma, Jennifer Puma (LC) MacDella Cooper, Ceslie Armstrong, Phyllis Hollis (L) Karen Abrams, Celia Serbin

Patricia Scheller, Ceslie ArmstrongJeri Slavin, Eva Pelegrin, J. DiamondEvette Rios, Ceslie Armstrong Patricia Scheller

(L) Patricia Scheller, Ceslie Armstrong (LC) Jeri Slavin, Eva Pelegrin, Jill Diamond (RC) Evette Rios, Ceslie Armstrong (R) Patricia Scheller

Patricia Scheller, Ceslie ArmstrongDiane Ragosa, Cathleen Ihasz, Nicole Ihasz, W. KlausnerSharon Rutter, Kathryn Parter

(L) Patricia Scheller, Ceslie Armstrong (C) Diana Ragusa, Cathleen Ihasz, Nicole Ihasz, Willette Klausner (R) Sharon Rutter, Kathryn Parter 


Cathleen Ihasz, Nicole IhaszPamela Peters, Karen AbramsE.B. Moss, Ceslie Armstrong

(L) Cathleen Ihasz, Nicole Ihasz (C) Pamela Peters, Karen Abrams (R) E.B. Moss, Ceslie Armstrong











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