The "Femme" Art of Shaving has Arrived

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The Art of Shaving Barber Boutique in Bloomingdales

Recently the Art of Shaving opened their shop-in-shop concept at Bloomingdale's 59th Street Flagship in Manhattan. This is the first Bloomingdales to have The Art Of Shaving Barber Spa and the most floor space Bloomingdale's has ever dedicated to one company. What a perfect excuse to get your significant other inside of Bloomingdales as well as to get a clean shave while you shop! The spa is equipped with all of The Art of Shaving amazing products as well as a barber on staff ready to give a quick shave and a trim.  Don't forget that The Art of Shaving also has great products for women as well.



you can even enjoy a fresh shave in the middle of Bloomingdales

Many women say that men's shaving cream is considerably better because of the amount of moisture in the producet. We love The Art of Shaving Rose Absolute shaving cream. This shaving cream is made with the pure Rose Absolute that is distilled from freshly picked rose petals giving your skin a therapeutic and hydrating treatment. It is also free from alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and dyes so it doesn't have an overwhelming smell and is safe for even your bikini line. We also recommended the Rose Absolute pre-shave oil. This product softens your hair and protects your skin for a razor-burn-free shave. With shaving products this good and how great your skin will feel after, you'll never be asking yourself "Did I shave my legs for this?"

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