Kathy Jones-Bettencourt

Kathy Jones-Bettencourt VITALS:
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Current town: San Antonio, Texas
Profession: Restaurant owner
Age: 45
Kids: Twin 11 year-old girls: Baylee & Kaycee
Pet: Blonde Lab: Duncan
Horoscope Sign: Aries
I'm most proud of: Twins, and long-lasting friendships

book: The Great Gatsby
band: Los Lonely Boys
film: Steel Magnolias
t.v. show: Six Feet Under
designer: Chanel
drink: Iced Tea
automobile: Lexus
must have beauty item: La Mer Crema
saying or quote: He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much.
body part: Chest
least favorite body part: Stomach
female icon: Sandra Day O'Connor
male icon: My father: Bud Jones
charity: Make A Wish Foundation

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