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Editor Beth Goehring's expert picks for books you can choose right now for a better tomorrow!

Protect Your Assets---These Three Books Show You How


When a situation is out of your control, you must take action. Sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? Not at all. It’s about being responsible for your own well-being, even as the forces out there work against you. While our 401(k)s and house values were going up, it was easy to go along with the tide. Now that we don’t know what the next month will bring, we need to make the right decisions to keep our futures and our families safe. Here are three books to help you keep your head—and your assets--when all about you are losing theirs.




Suze Orman 2009

“Get off the couch and take control of your financial life in 2009.”—Suze Orman

It’s no surprise that America has turned to SUZE ORMAN’S 2009 ACTION PLAN (Doubleday Broadway Pub., December 30, 2008) for straightforward advice. With her signature candor and passion, Suze Orman gives honest answers on how to improve your FICO credit score and invest in a tumultuous stock market, whether your on-line bank is safe, if you can borrow to give your daughter the wedding she always wanted (don’t!) or continue to support your favorite charities (do, by donating your time instead of money). You’ll see yourself in any number of the more than 150 Jane-Doe, real-life situations. Suze’s authoritative recommendations for action will help you sleep better at night.

Staged To Sell

"Dress your nest to impress."

Whether you need to sell your house or plan to stay in it for now, bringing out its best features means you have to make an honest assessment of the property’s strengths and weaknesses. In STAGED TO SELL (OR KEEP), the editors of Home® Magazine (Filipacchi Publishing, February, 2009) help you take that hard look with a cheerful, can-do approach. The stylish photos, “Dos and Don’ts,” proposed layouts and quick fixes (in as little as an hour or a weekend) will inspire you to make your home, sweet, home fresher, chicer, and more functional. Sounds like something we could all do to our closets and makeup bags, too!

Energy Efficient Homes for Dummies

"Help your budget and the planet."

Climate change and the roller-coaster cost of fuel…now there’s something that’s out of our control! Not with the plain-English solutions in ENERGY EFFICIENT HOMES FOR DUMMIES® (Dummy Publisher, October, 2008).Rik de Gunther offers practical ideas for changing your consumption habits, reducing pollution, getting better performance from your heating and cooling systems without breaking the bank, even building an energy-efficient house from the ground up. You’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of wood stoves, solar power, geothermal systems and other energy alternatives. For starters, see how well you comply with his Ten Best Energy-Efficient Investments Installing a Programmable Thermostat Sealing Your Home’s Envelope Sealing the Ducts in Your HVAC System Installing a Flow Constrictor Shower Head Insulating Your Water Heater Plugging in Fluorescents Installing Motion Sensors Putting Insulating Sleeves on Hot Water Pipes Changing HVAC Filters on a Routine Basis Tuning Up Your HVAC System Regularly

It’s common for many of us to buy the books, even to read them right through, and then file the information under “to do…in my next life.” We don’t have the luxury of that anymore. If we want a secure future, we have to stabilize today. Take the time, have the nerve to put these ideas, solutions, and plans in action now and you’ll be ready to surge ahead when the turnaround comes.


A note from Beth Goehring: "I am so excited to write about books for CESLIE-The Women's Network. Reading is not only a lifelong passion, but it's my job. As the editor-in-chief for a group of book clubs that includes Book-of-the-Month Club®, The Literary Guild®, Doubleday Book Club®, Mystery Guild®, and The Good Cook®, I hear the early buzz about what will soon be hot in everything from autobiography to zoology. In any week, my colleagues and I review hundreds of upcoming books to choose those that really deliver, whether it's with fascinating characters, an unforgettable story, a vicarious thrill, a wealth of useful information or compelling inspiration. Hands-down, the best thing about my job is finding that hidden gem, a novel that wasn't lavished with a huge marketing budget, not for lack of charm or quality, but because of a publisher's limited resources. When I can make a match between one of these unsung heroes and a grateful reader, then I've done my job well!"


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