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Practicing the Feldenkrais Method to achieve a longer, leaner silhouette is one of the best kept secrets amongst Hollywood's glamor girls and female entertainment executives. In most women's lives, our daily schedules are not that different than the celebrities and executive power women we admire: we either sit behind a desk for most of the day at our computer and on the phone or constantly run around to appointments and doing errands. Both of these daily routines have dramatic long-term impact on how we breath, our circulation and heart health, and how we look (compacted vs. long and lean). I asked our very own Feldenkrais Method expert, Anastasti Siotas to share the advice he gives his high-powered women age 40+ clients that keeps them lean, healthy, and gorgeous. Don't you want to command the same respect and admiration when you enter a room? Here, three of Anastasi's easy to do practices that are almost effortless but over time yield DRAMATIC results.--Ceslie Armstrong


Practice a “beginners mind”. Learning takes times, so do not expect perfection of yourself the first time you try something new. Every stage of learning something new is best absorbed when we are patient and open to the process.


Some fun things to try while walking. First take a minute to notice how your feet meet the ground with each step. Then walk a little way with your weight more on your heels. Then walk a short way with your weight more on your toes. Now try walking more on the outside edges of your feet and then for a short time, walk more on the inside of your feet. Now go back to your normal walk and see if you feel any difference.


Get a good night’s sleep. Try to limit computer use just before bedtime and reserve your bed for sleeping, not for a general hang out place to watch TV, eat or talk on the phone.

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