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Growing up in south Texas and Mexico, I can definitely say that I know a good Margarita...and, unfortunately a bad one too. I was a bit skeptical when the fine folks at 1800 Tequilla suggested their new Ultimate Margarita as a ready to serve cocktail. I do know that their premium brands of Tequilla are really "top shelf" and are made from 100% Pure Blue Agave (the best!).


I've just never been a fan of the bottled mixes. 1800 has truly created a delicious (and strong!) ready to serve Margarita. Our production team tested this yummy brew with me and we were singing Ay Yay Yay by the end of the night! Seriously, we did love it. The only suggestion is to add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and don't forget the salted rim. My favorite salts are from Williams Sonoma in Lime or Grapefruit flavors. And since The Ultimate Margarita is only $14.99 or $24.99 (depending on bottle size) why not spend a little on a nice pitcher and glasses?


I love these colorful stems. They are made of the same plastic material used for bullet-proof glass and you will swear they are glass.


The salt sticks perfectly to the rim.


Ten Tips for the Ultimate Margarita Soiree... by Kimberly Schlegel

  1. Set the mood with music that reflects the vibe you want for your party, whether it is energetic, retro, sexy or classical.
  2. Have a basket of flip flops at the door and ask your guests to trade in their Jimmy Choos for some comfy sandals.
  3. Create an intoxicating atmosphere with trays full of sand and fresh scented candles.
  4. Greet your guests with a great drink at the door...the 1800® The Ultimate Margarita is perfect because it is easy to prepare, tastes wonderful, and is made with 100% pure Agave! It is the perfect ice breaker!
  5. Order printed cocktail napkins with funny questions on them. As people get their drink, have them ask the next person they meet the question on their napkin. It is a fun way to spark up a conversation. For example: Who was your favorite Summer Camp Counselor? As a child, did you dig holes in the sand or build sand castles? Bikini or One -Piece?
  6. Set up a Guacamole Bar so that your guests can have fun mixing and matching different flavors.
  7. Use bright beach balls as decorations in your house or apartment. Use different sizes and colors and fill your pool for a dramatic but in-expensive decoration!
  8. Embrace the latest fashion or wear a colorful and playful dress! Everyone loves to see a hostess get dressed up!
  9. Set out beach chairs, colorful blankets, and pillows for your guests to lounge on.
  10. Tie brightly colored ribbons to fans...your guests will be grateful for the cool air and the ribbons will blow in a beautiful and energetic rhythm.

**BONUS TIP: 1800® The Ultimate Margarita is a great party treat when frozen and served as a popscicle!

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