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Backstage at New York Fashion Week with Rudy Miles

How-to Achieve The Natural Look... tips and tricks from an AVEDA makeup artist

Ceslie Armstrong's interview with celebrity make-up artist Rudy Miles' expert advice on how to achieve the "70's natural look" with ease. Miles reveals his "number one!" product recommendation, insider tips, and how-to method to achieve a young look without breaking the bank.











Ceslie Armstrong: I'm backstage with the fabulous Rudy Miles, the key makeup artist for AVEDA.

You know, for women at home, when we hear, "Oh, natural makeup is the most beautiful, " people panic because even though it's natural, it's the hardest to apply. When you know that it's about a strong lip, then you go out and you buy that strong lip color. If it's the smoky eye, we know how to make the smoky eye.

What are some tips and tricks to get that Sissy Spacek '70s glow? Give us some tips for that.

Rudy Miles: [laughs] You know, it's funny that you said "natural" is the hardest, because the makeup artists here have the hardest time doing this look than they did when we did smoky eyes with false lashes and red, glossy lips.

Ceslie: OK, so we shouldn't feel bad at all, then.

Rudy: You should not feel bad. You should feel like conquerors when you get this look. Natural makeup doesn't mean you get out of bed and there's nothing on. It's truly about polishing your look.

The easiest way to tell if the color is going to be natural is that if you hold it next to your skin tone and it looks like your skin, when you apply it, it will be absolutely beautiful.

The trick, too, you maybe want to have some luminosity to the color. Like, a little shimmer is fine, you don't want it too frosty, because that starts to look a little dated. But because you want it to look different from your skin, texture is the way that you can trick the eye. So if it has a little sheen or gloss, it instantly looks like makeup and it still looks natural.

Ceslie: One of the things, as we get a little bit older with the matte makeup -- and I love matte makeup myself -- but we have to be careful with those little fine lines and wrinkles that creep up. We don't want to look cakey.

What do you suggest for that? And what are some AVEDA products that are great for that skin?

Rudy: Yes. My number one favorite product we use at every show is Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme. Because you're right, when you get older, your skin starts to show texture. You think of powder products like shadow and blush are dry; why do we put dry products on dry skin? We obviously don't. We want the skin luminous and bright and radiant.

And that's exactly what Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme does. It makes the skin look very hydrated. A healthy glow right from the beginning. And then when you add a shimmer or cream blush or your products to the skin, the skin becomes what you look at.

So, when someone says, "I love your makeup, " they don't mean your foundation. They really mean I love your eye color, your cheek color and your lip color.

Ceslie: Right.

Rudy: The foundation is what you don't want to be so detectable.

Ceslie: Thank you, darling.

Rudy: Thank you!

Ceslie: That was so good. You always give the best interviews.

Rudy: [laughs]




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