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Beauty expert and spa maven Jamie Ahn's solutions and product picks for adult blemishes, combination skin, and how-to treat yourself to a clear glowing face. Learn why as we age our facial skin changes and so should our treatments and products.

Dear Jamie:

I am noticing that in my late forties, my skin still breaks out around my chin and nose but is dry around my temples and cheeks. I've heard of "adult acne" but I don't think I have acne, just a few blackheads and some small whiteheads on my jaw line and chin. I was really looking forward to no more pimples as I got older! ha! What do you recommend? What type and brand of cleansers can I use that won't dry me out but will also cut the oiliness and really clean out my pores? Am I asking too much?

Cynthia L.
Santa Fe, NM
Hi Cynthia,

No, you aren't asking too much. We are asked this question all the time at Townhouse Spa. As we age, the skin's natural process of exfoliation, cell renewal and collagen production continues to slow. The tone and skin tends to get more dull and dry while the pores enlarge which can cause breakouts if not treated properly. Acne can start with blackheads that are the result of oil and dead cells trapped in pores. Red pimples develop when blackheads become inflamed and they spread when touched with dirty hands. It is also extremely important to wipe and sanitize phones that spread breakouts on the chin and jaw line.

The T-zone tends to be oilier for most people with combination skin so the right products are a must to correct the problem. Spot treatments are also great. A medicated cleanser such as Biore Shine Control Cleanser or Epicuren Medicated Acne Cleanser used ONLY on the affect area with a cotton pad should help clear it up.

Biore Cleanser

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Epicuren Acne Cleanser

For the rest of the face use a mild gel cleanser like Yonka Gel Cleanser or Sonya Dakar Bergamot Wash (Ceslie Armstrong's personal favorite). An exfoliating peel or scrub should also be gentled used on the break outs. Our favorite is the Sonya Dakar Organic Scrub in acne or you can buy L'Oreal's Acne Response Intensive Adult Acne Peel on-line or in most local drug stores.

Yonka Gel Cleanser

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Sonya Dakar Bergamot Wash

Getting a facial with a gentle peel with your favorite facialist will also clear up the break outs while hydrating the skin. Mosturizing creams should also be use throughout the day ONLY on the dry areas.

Sonya Dakar Scrub

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L’Oreal Acne Peel

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