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Ceslie reporting from the tents at Bryant Park-New York Fashion Week

Behind the Scenes with Bumble & Bumble hairstylist Jimmy Paul at the Bill Blass Show, Fashion Week, New York City





Ceslie Armstrong: I'm with Jimmy Paul, who is the key hair for Bumble and Bumble, backstage at the Bill Blass show.


Jimmy Paul: That's right. How are you doing?


Ceslie: Good! It's nice to see you.


Jimmy: You too.


Ceslie: This is a giant show.


Jimmy: Yes, it is. All the most beautiful casting; the girls are incredible. So, I feel very lucky to be here. It's very cool.


Ceslie: Well, they're lucky to have you. And you're doing quite beautiful, beautiful, sexy, long, gorgeous hair. Tell us why you chose this.


Jimmy: Well, I think that with a lot of women's hair I do, it sort of their dream hair, it seems. A lot of girls and women I do, they want healthy, thick, long, wavy body and all that sexy stuff. And I always try to do something in this vein, because it's what I think is the most flattering.


And a lot of the models have long hair now. So, why not make them look their absolute best, because I think if the models feel great then it just helps the whole collection. And it goes so good with the clothes, and it's very...


Ceslie: But isn't that the same thing with just everyday women? I mean, if we think our hair looks great and we think we look great, then we have a better attitude, right?


Jimmy: Well, yeah, that's what I find for my clients. I blew the hair out first with a big, round brush to get body, and then I used a curling iron. And I used Bumble and bumble thickening spray.


Ceslie: Bumble and Bumble's products, I have to say over the years, what I love is they're never sticky; they never wear your hair down. Unless they're supposed to.


Jimmy: Wow. That's so great. I'm really glad you like them.


Ceslie: It's true.


Jimmy: Yeah, I love them. I mean, it's all I use.


Ceslie: Yeah, wonderful. OK, so this is the light spray, then.


Jimmy: This is called Does It All, and it's the light spray. So, what's great about it is, you see how I put it in, and then you can just brush it. You can just brush it again. With some hairsprays, it would flake if you did that. So, that's what's really great about that hairspray, because during fashion shows, the hair might get messed up and you might need to brush it again. You don't want to use something that's going to be too flakey.


Ceslie: That's a great tip. If you don't have long hair, do you recommend going for extensions?


Jimmy: It depends on the woman, I think. Actually, right now of all times, there's some really great short cuts going on, and some of the models have amazing short hair. There's a beautiful Brazilian/Chinese girl in the show today who has a bob.


I think if you look better in short hair, if you have short hair, it's a good time for that too. I think anything goes right now.


Ceslie: Anything goes that makes you feel sexy and wonderful, right?


Jimmy: Absolutely. And that can work with your hair type.


Ceslie: Right. Thank you, honey! Have a good show!


Jimmy: Thank you.







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