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New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paula Moynahan shares her insights to the secrets of how celebrities prepare for their red carpet moments. Here, how-to countdown to your own special event to ensure you look picture perfect.

The "red carpet season" has become a fashion and beauty spectator event of people at home watching their favorite celebrities walk the red carpet for the Golden Globes, S.A.G. Awards, Emmy’s, Grammy’s and, of course the granddaddy of them all: the famed Oscars. Incredibly close scrutiny is placed on the appearance of the stars who walk the red carpet and questions like: Who of the latest contenders for the movie industry’s top awards has done what? Is it Botox or laser therapy? Is it Sculptra injections or Plastic Surgery? Speculation ensues and gossip begins to circulate. One can’t help but wonder who has done what.

My celebrity clients know that looking their best is vital as they begin a new movie role and it is equally important when they are scheduled to appear on any red carpet. There is a rigorous preparation cycle with each role that begins with getting in shape head to toe (physically and emotionally) and culminates with the award show appearance—hopefully having been nominated.

Frequently because of time constraints, patients will opt for one or more minimally invasive procedures that can quickly lead to an enhanced appearance. Meticulous attention to detail avoids an overly corrected face resulting in a look that will instead be described as "vibrant and rejuvenated." Whether professionally employed, a stay-at-home mom or a celebrity, all patients want the same result: to look better, not different. Their choice is to enhance their attributes, rather than exaggerate them. It has been shown that beautification, with retention of facial expression affirms the ego and builds self-confidence.

During the consultation with the Plastic Surgeon, the patient’s concerns are expressed, realistic goals established and a treatment program decided upon. Timing is of utmost importance to celebrities and the plan is designed to work within their allotted time frame and tailored to achieve optimal results. Many times, the Plastic Surgeon becomes an integral member of the beauty and fashion team whose responsibility it is to ensure the star is picture perfect and at her best.

Common issues relate to the effects of aging upon all tissues of the face including:
    -Elastin and collagen fibers deep within the skin begin to degenerate and contribute to sagging -Subcutaneous fat shifts and atrophies, causing deflation, resulting in a loss of youthful contours -Bone de-mineralizes and thins so that the skeletal support of the soft tissues of the face loses prominence
Textural changes in the skin are due to:
    -Genetics, life-style and environmental factors -Red and brown spots, spider veins, keratoses, fine lines and wrinkles alter smooth, aesthetically ideal skin and are obvious indicators of age
SOLUTIONS Injectables and Fillers: Botox, our old favorite, is the most common minimally invasive injectable performed in the United States. According to statistics gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, sales of Botox Cosmetic approached one billion dollars in 2006. This represents an increase of 7% over the preceding year.

The benefits of Botox are quickly noted and persist, on average, for three to four months. Initially used to treat frown lines, its cosmetic use has expanded to include crow’s feet lines, smoker’s lines, horizontal lines of the forehead and banding of the neck.

In addition, FDA approval of Reloxin, a rival injectable to Botox, is anticipated to occur during 2008. Passive fillers are another popular option used to produce immediate improvement in the appearance of facial aging without the need of a recuperative period. The most common passive filler is hyaluronic acids, which include Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm. Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar found in all living organisms, hence, it is biocompatible and skin testing is not required. These products soften deeper lines and wrinkles and are also used to plump lips. The benefits achieved last between six to nine months.

Fractional Laser and Skin Care Treatments: An improvement in textural skin changes can be achieved through a regimen incorporating quality skin care products in combination with skin care treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion. However, patient outcomes can be optimized through the use of advanced laser technology, such as fractionated laser. The fractionated laser procedure is designed to increase the rate of cell production and promote collagen formation.

The laser procedure is performed with a topical anesthetic on an outpatient basis. Swelling and redness occur immediately and, in the majority of patients, resolve within seven to ten days. The treated skin is smoother, clearer and tighter and rejuvenation has occurred with minimal downtime.

We all have our own "red carpet moments" in life. Should you be considering aesthetic enhancements, discuss your options with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area and decide how to improve and maintain superstar self-esteem in your life.
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