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Advanced green chemistry for stronger skin-as seen live on "In The Loop with iVillage"

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as seen live on: IN THE LOOP WITH IVILLAGE




SKIN GENESIS by L’Oréal Paris

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available at chain drug and mass market retail outlets

Skin Genesis by L’Oréal Paris: -as seen live on “In The Loop with iVillage”2

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As we age-especially post 30-we notice that our skin appears more blotchy, uneven, and of course the fine lines and wrinkles are apparent. What concerns me is that most women don't realize that their skin is also weakening. I am thrilled to "pick" a new very advanced, highly researched (over 7 years in the making) and widely available serum and moisturizer that's affordable that strengthens skin. AND, created with first to market technology by a company that is known and respected for their research and development: L’Oréal Paris. OH! And let's not forget that this is the same company whose spokespersons include over 30 icons like Diane Keaton, Heather Locklear, Andie McDowell, and now for Skin Genesis, Penelope Cruz.

Instead of re-interpreting their thorough explanation, here's what L’Oréal Paris has to say about Skin Genesis (and check out my tip at the bottom): a technologically-advanced, cell-strengthening system for stronger, tighter, more even skin. Formulated with patented Pro-Xylane™, an exclusive L’Oréal molecule that strengthens skin and reignites cell activity layer by layer, and hyaluronic acid, skin’s natural hydrator, Skin Genesis is a true advancement in skincare science. It marries the power of nature – 100% naturally-derived ingredients and “green chemistry” – with cutting-edge research and development. Skin Strengthening Benefits:

    -Builds strength deep within skin’s surface. Reinforces skin’s matrix to add fullness, improve elasticity and renew skin’s evenness from within. -Strengthens between skin’s layers. Helps activate healthy collagen production to fortify skin’s structure and support. -Smoothes the surface layer. Reignites cellular renewal to help erase fine lines, and instantly hydrates for more even, light-reflective skin.

THE TECHNOLOGY Pro-Xylane The creation of patented Pro-Xylane was the result of seven years of focused research on the function of skin’s glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), chains of sugar molecules found in the skin’s layers that hold together skin structures and create the ideal environment for skin’s natural functions. Realizing that GAGS get damaged and decrease in number with age and UV exposure, L’Oréal Research and Development worked to find a molecule that could stimulate GAG synthesis. The solution came in the form of xylose – derived from the beech wood plant, xylose is small enough to penetrate the skin’s layers and is also found naturally in skin. With that discovery, the Pro-Xylane molecule was born.

How it works: In vitro testing shows that Pro-Xylane boosts the synthesis of GAGs, and works to reignite skin’s natural cell activity layer by layer – at the dermis, epidermis and epidermal junction, working differently at each layer. In the dermis, it improves the performance of existing GAGs and stimulates the support of new ones. At the epidermal junction, it has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen VII, a critical “anchor” in the junction that keeps the epidermis and dermis properly held together for optimal skin performance. In the epidermis, it promotes moisture retention, builds cohesion of skin’s layers, and helps boost hyaluronic receptors. Introduced topically via Skin Genesis, Pro-Xylane reinforces the skin’s layers to maintain skin integrity for the appearance of younger-looking, stronger skin.

How it’s made: Patented Pro-Xylane is developed using green chemistry, an environmentally friendly process that makes the technology 100% bio-degradable and 100% bio-assimiable. The use of green chemistry to create Pro-Xylane is yet another example of the superior scientific research and holistic approach behind the products’ development.

Hyaluronic Acid: For the first time, Pro-Xylane is combined with hyaluronic acid, the most prevalent GAG, reintroducing it back into the skin to help create the ideal environment for cells to perform and maintain strong skin. To make skin fuller and tighter, Skin Genesis features dehydrated hyaluronic spheres, microscopic in size and small enough to penetrate the skin, that swell significantly on contact with water found in the epidermis. In doing so, skin is plumped from within, improving elasticity and reinforcing fullness so that fine lines are minimized and skin is instantly hydrated for a more even, light reflective surface. Hyaluronic acid works in synergy with Pro-Xylane to strengthen skin’s moisture retention properties, creating an ideal environment for skin’s natural cell metabolism.

The Daily Strengthening Regimen:

Step 1: Daily Treatment Serum Concentrate The first step to stronger, tighter, more homogeneous skin, this daily treatment features Pro-Xylane and concentrated hyaluronic acid to boost the effectiveness of the daily moisturizer. Its unique, crystal-clear formula deeply penetrates skin’s surface to immediately make skin smoother, more luminous and have significantly few fine lines. With a lightweight, non-greasy texture, the treatment glides onto skin, leaving a smooth, soft finish, perfectly preparing skin for step-two moisturization.

Step 2: Daily Moisturizer SPF15 Lotion (Fragrance and Fragrance-Free)
Ideal for women of all skin types who look for a lightweight moisturizer with daily UVA/UVB sun protection, this lotion delivers the patented technology to continuously strengthen skin, leaving it smoother, healthier looking and more even in tone. Skin is moisturized and protected with every application.

or Step 2: Daily Moisturizer Oil-Free Lotion Featuring a unique, lightweight, silicone formulation, this new moisturizer is an oil-free, non-greasy hydrator that immediately creates a more flawless complexion by instantly smoothing skin’s surface and evening skin’s tone. Suitable for all skin types, especially for those with oily skin, it leaves behind a soft, powdery finish.


Even if you think you are satisfied with your current moisturizer, try Skin Genesis for at least a month. At $24.99, it's worth it! Make sure you purchase the version with SPF protection if your foundation does not already include this IMPORTANT ingredient. After using for one week, I noticed that my skin appeared more even and my makeup appeared smoother.

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