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Ceslie Armstrong interviews celebrity make-up artist Mally Roncal backstage at the Tracy Reese Show, Fashion Week, New York City. Here,Beyonce's go-to glam artist shares her motivational make-up tips.



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Ceslie Armstrong: I'm here with Mally, backstage for Tracy Reese!

Mally Roncal: Hi! The best show in the world, thank you very much.

Ceslie: Now, I think it's so incredible that you and Tracy are working together, because you're both such strong women and you're entrepreneurial. You have your own line of cosmetics, which they sell on QVC; they're in Bendel's--you're everywhere Mally!

Mally: Yes, yes, yes. Well, hello--we love it, and we work really hard. We want to bring all of these fabulous looks that we do here on these runways with these gorgeous ladies to everybody in the world, because everyone deserves to look fierce.

Ceslie: That's true, that's true. So, what's your inspiration? What are you doing here?

Mally: Well, Tracy's show was really sort of inspired by Buenos Aires, and dancers, and sexy, beautiful, soft, tanned, skin.

Ceslie: But, tanned skin from makeup.

Mally: Right. We don't lay in the sun. We aren't as bad. Sun is bad, it's all fake. So we did a really beautiful, soft, sexy, smokey-brown eye. Instead of doing a black liner, we're doing a navy liner.

Ceslie: Oh, navy! Now, that's a great new tip!

Mally: You know what? It's great, because it's not as harsh as black. But you still get a really great sultry look, but it's not heavy, and it's not dark. Tons of mascara, a beautiful soft brow. And, just again, a really, really soft bronzy-bronzy cheek, and a naked-nude sort of glossy lip.

Ceslie: It's so incredible! Tell me what you think as women, as we're getting a little older, in our 30s, 40s, and 50s, and up, and as I like to say we get better. Right?

Mally: Yes, we do. Thank you.

Ceslie: Yes, indeed. I think that this navy liner is a wonderful solution, because we don't want to look harsh.

Mally: Yes, that's absolutely it. You still get the look of a dark liner. You still get the impact of it, but it's not has heavy. It doesn't drag the eye down; it actually lifts up the eye and brightens it.

Ceslie: So, it's a little instant eye lift without the knife, maybe?

Mally: You got it girl! I love you!

Ceslie: I love you, darling!





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