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Ceslie Armstrong interviews designer Dana Buchman in her studio with her fit models. Buchman talks about the importance of a proper fit and shares her advice about looking and feeling great!





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Ceslie Armstrong: Ceslie Armstrong, here with Dana Buchman. Hi, Dana.

Dana Buchman: Hi, Ceslie. Nice to see you.

Ceslie: Thank you. So nice to see you. You know, I always love to interview you. And I have to say, not only do I admire you as an editor, but I'm one of your best customers.

Dana: I love that. I'm one of those designers who, I design for women to actually wear their clothes. There's fashion for the theater, theater fashion, and then there's fashion that's for real life.

Ceslie: You do dress everyday women. I mean, you dress power women. You dress women that are very busy in their lifestyles, but want to look pulled together and have streamlined lines and still look feminine. That's a hard balance to strike, but you do it.

Dana: My mission as a designer has always been that aspect of fashion. What do real women want to wear? What makes that experience of going into your closet in the morning a happy one, where you come out thinking, "Yes!"

Because when you're dressed and you feel like you look good, your whole day is different. So it's almost I'm involved with the whole life of the woman, as well as just the clothes.

Ceslie: I think that's probably, too, what keeps a woman going back to a designer. When they find someone who suits their lifestyle, but also about the fit. Can you talk a little bit about that? Because your fit is so universal. It never veers. It is the fit models you use?

Dana: Well, I've been using the same fit models for probably 15 years. Fit is crucial. For a jacket it's important that it hang from the shoulder. For the pants, it's important that the rise actually accommodates real-sized hips. So it all begins there.

I try to make my clothes fit the universal fit, as universal as I can. And not everything is going to fit every person. It varies by style. But the fit is crucial to a good-looking outfit.






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