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Ceslie Armstrong interviews designer Nicole Miller after her Tulum, Mexico-inspired show at New York Fashion Week. She shares her advice for looking great no matter your age. Also, comments from celebrity stylists Rebecca Weinberg and Phillip Bloch.





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Ceslie Armstrong: I'm backstage in Bryant Park, right after the Nicole Miller show. She really departed, went much younger but still very wearable. So incredible. And Rebecca Weinberg styled the show. She and Nicole have collaborated for many years, and it was just brilliant.

You and Nicole just keep doing this over and over, and it just keeps getting better every time.

Rebecca Weinberg: We had a great time this season. I think that, really, the concept was very strong. We had lots of different silhouettes and lots of different fabrics to work with. And I just think that, really... I'm just so... I get on my knees! I'm very happy, it came out really well.

Ceslie: I have to tell you, from an audience that could be 25 to 65 -- which is what we love -- there was a silhouette for every body type there.

Rebecca: There was something for everyone. Absolutely. A little youngness, even younger than she's gone before. And actually carrying it all the way through for some older clientele. I think we really did a big barometer.

Ceslie: It seemed like just the spirit of youth, without being non-wearable. Do you know what I mean?

Rebecca: Absolutely.

Ceslie: Was that a thought process in the beginning?

Rebecca: I think it was, and I think that we just edited, and edited, and edited. And I think we finally got it right.

Ceslie: You put together wardrobes for the most famous women, and just regular women, all across America. And you just do it with such style and flair.

Phillip Bloch: Thank you.

Ceslie: What did you think about Nicole's show?

Phillip: Again, she's someone who does it for regular women with style and flair, and not at a really big price point. I love that about Nicole, because not everybody's a movie star, not everyone has millions of dollars and a whole dream team to put them together. Sometimes it's just real women that need to go shopping and find great clothes.

I love her dresses. I'm a great fan of her cocktail dresses. Her gowns are great. They're affordable, if you have a great event to go to. But, her cocktails dresses. And her little summer dresses, I think, were fun. And I love the white with the print. I just wanted to go on the Mayan coast and sunbathe.

Ceslie: It was gorgeous. Thank you so much, Phillip. Great to see you.

Phillip: My pleasure.

Ceslie: I am blown away by this.

Nicole Miller: We don't look any older. I'm telling the truth. We look exactly the same.

Ceslie: I know. We look exactly the same as we did, completely. It's the bangs. It's my new bangs.

I felt like this collection was so youthful, but still incredibly wearable if you are 35, 45, 55. There was something very structured and youthful about it all at the same time.

Nicole: Well, my girl... I've always say I love the thinking girl. I think nobody should dress old. I mean, I love those grandmas that want to kick up their heels and dance. But I don't want to dress somebody who wants to dress like their mother. I want somebody who wants to dress like their daughter.

Ceslie: That's great! And the silhouettes, some of them you couldn't do that, but most of them, I think, would fit a variety of body types.

Nicole: Oh yeah, especially with a blouson, very forgiving. [laughs]

Ceslie: Very forgiving.

Nicole: I'll get some extra customers out of that, probably.

Ceslie: And what about the roushing? A lot of roushing on the skirts, and even the smallest. I loved the tile, it was very Aztec.

Nicole: Well, I used all the Mayan influence, but I used a lot of Mexican things to, because I spent a lot of time in Mexico this year. And I don't usually get inspired by my trips so much. I mean, I'm always inspired by history and culture. But I spent so much time there, that clay color, I started to love that clay color. And then I would see the clay color with, like, chartreuse and mustard and aqua.

Ceslie: You really, spot-on hit the culture of the country.

Nicole: Oh, thanks. Especially from somebody who spent time there, that's...

Ceslie: Well, even the food, even the spices and everything, they are these wonderful colors of the yellows and the oranges.

Nicole: I did a lot of research to what all their colors were, and all the names of their colors. And our prints: we had "Savage Chaos, " "Garden of the Gods, " "Santos, " and I guess the "Mayan Calender" print.

Ceslie: The way that this collection was put together, it seemed to me like full dressing, heat to toe, but they were separate pieces. Does that make sense?

Nicole: But a lot of them were sewn together. Some were separates and some were actually sewn together. And I sewed a lot of different fabric types together.

Ceslie: So, that's what it was! I couldn't get...

Nicole: It's like you have your whole sportswear outfit in once piece. Like a silk top to a stretch-metal skirt.

Ceslie: So, these are incredible pieces to travel with then.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Ceslie: Well, everything you're doing is wonderful. America love you, the world loves you.

Nicole: Thanks!

Ceslie: And thinks for doing this collection, really.

Nicole: We're having a great year, so, can't complain.

Ceslie: Keep it going.

Nicole: Thanks.




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