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Tsukihoshi: Feet Candy That's Good For Kids

Let's say you are taking your kids grocery shopping. What do they automatically run to? The candy bin versus the canned veggies. Let's face it, they like what looks good--the candy with bold, bright colors--although candy isn’t the healthiest choice. Could there be a product that is looks great and will help your children grow well?

We found the answer and it is a resounding YES! We recently got the inside scoop about Tsukihoshi: The kid's shoes that celebrities are clammering to purchase and kids are making a bee-line to rush their moms to buy. The bold, bright, colorful, funky patterns of Tsukihoshi carried at OLLY Shoes and distributed by Badorf Shoe Company are only part of the story. These shoes are actually beneficial to your child's growth.

On January 12, 2010 a "fashion insider" shoe event was hosted by long-time fashion & women's lifestyle editor Ceslie Armstrong, Executive Producer for CESLIE: The Women's Network™ at Alice’s Tea Cup in New York City. Ceslie’s guest speakers at the event were experts Kirby Lohff, president and CEO of OLLY Shoes, Matthew Butlett, the U.S Brand Representative for Tsukihoshi, and Brandon Gingerich, Director of Sales for Badorf Shoe Company. These respected shoe experts educated the guests including fashion, children's and lifestyle journalists and bloggers about the revolutionary shoes.

Kirby Lohff, president and CEO of OLLY Shoes spoke at the event about the OLLYSCAN® , which allows a child to come in the store and get a precise, detailed measurement of their shoe size. OLLY Shoes is dedicated to carrying trusted brands and making sure a child has proper sizing, which is necessary for healthy bone structure in growth. His store management says the kids run directly to the Tsukihoshi shoe display and implore their mom to buy.

Matthew Butlett, the U.S Brand Representative for Tsukihoshi showed the new spring shoe line collection for 2010. Founded in 1873, Tsukihoshi is known for their innovative yet functional style using modern design with centuries-old Japanese craftsmanship and artistry. The boys’ shoes were in bright greens, reds, and yellows, which were great versus the norm of only blue, black, white, and orange. The girls’ shoes had fun, floral patterns and colors in bright purple and pink.

Tsukihoshi shoes have a removable Green Tea insole. The natural extract is antibacterial and germ killing and the insole is hand washable while the shoes are actually machine washable! The toe box of the shoe is wider to allow children feel like they are walking barefoot. The shoes have a solid heel counter providing stability in the heel.

Butlett explained that people mistakenly believe that if an athletic shoe is heavy, it means it is more durable. Tsukihoshi shoes are light weight and fashionable yet functional. The growing list of celebrity clients buying for their children include Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jerry Seinfeld, and Tom Brady. Tsukihoshi Shoes range from $45-65.

Badorf Shoe Company is one of the largest and oldest children’s shoe distributors on the East Coast. Brandon Gingerich, Director of Sales for Badorf Shoe Company spoke of some of the new trends in 2010 such as Velcro straps allowing kids to put on their own shoes. The bottom of the tongue on these Velcro shoes has laces giving it a tie up affect.

Learning about the innovations of children’s shoes is really an important responsibility for all women. As Ceslie Armstrong said, "As women, we are mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, or mentors in children’s’ lives. Women play such an important role in ensuring that children not only grow safely and healthfully, but with a positive body image," she continued, "It is fantastic to know there are trusted names like Tsukihoshi and OLLY that truly care about kids."



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