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All in one UV Monitor


Personal UV Monitor with Exposure Timer

Any dermatologist will tell you that the fastest way to age--to SHOW your age--is to expose yourself to harmful UV Rays. And, remember that we are exposed to UV Rays 365 days a year no matter the season. SPF laden skin products are a must but they really are the first layer of protection. Now, there is a surefire way to measure and monitor your exposure to these aging, damaging, and cancer causing rays.

This is one of the smartest products we've ever found! Not only does this waterproof gadget measure and monitor harmful UV Rays, it also measures the current temperature and calculates a recommended exposure time limit based on skin type. And, it takes into account the level of protection needed based on your sunscreen SPF level and amount used.

Considering the varying factors that affect the intensity level of the harmful UV radiation index (ozone layer, weather, temperature) this gadget can act as a major alarm system warning to run for shade! This is a year-round must--especially if you have kids.
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