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Pet expert Julia Szabo's new find. THE solution for stylish dogwalking.

Zakkerz bring trouser hemlines to heel in style!

Into the life of every stylish dog walker – and I'm not talking about professionals who take other people's pets out for walks, but dog lovers out for a stroll with their own beloved pups – a little wardrobe dilemma must fall. This happens to me a lot: I'll return home from a breakfast meeting, business lunch, or fabulous Momentum Women soiree, wearing trousers (I'm not much of a skirt person) that are hemmed for my highest heels. Then I arrive home and six – count 'em, six – pairs of pleading eyes give me that urgent look that clearly says, "WE WANT TO GO OUT NOW." There simply isn't time to change trousers – there's barely time to kick off my heels.

If I'm late for a dog-walk by even a few minutes, I'll return to find my older dogs doing the frantic K9 equivalent of crossing their legs so as not to pee, so I speedily step out of my heels and into comfy, flat, rubber-soled Merrell Barrados. The Merrells are perfectly sensible dog-walking shoes, of course, but being flats they lack the height advantage, so this quick-footwear-change puts the hems of my trousers at risk for fraying, or worse. Trousers that puddle around your feet are not exactly practical for dog-walking; not only can they easily trip you up, they could make contact with, ahem, unpleasant substances if you plan an after-dark visit to the dog park.

Frankly, I hate to endanger my dressy trousers, and I don't even like to put my long-legged jeans at risk – I personally can't stand the way the rear hems of some gals' Calvin's look, all frayed and stomped-on like a sorry throwback to early-1990s Grunge. This unfortunate "look" is particularly nasty on a rainy day – and I can't imagine it's at all comfortable to weigh down one's ankles with soggy, shredded fabric.

I was beyond excited to discover a fabulous new invention called Zakkerz. These are temporary pant roll-up wraps that conveniently shorten long trousers, so you can step out in flats without fraying your favorite pants (or trailing them through unmentionable liquids or solids). The ingenious design consists of flexible fabric strips containing specially-designed, super-strong magnets. Zakkerz come in two lengths: Original (for lightweight fabrics) and Long (for medium- to heavyweight fabrics, including jeans).

For triage dog-walking, commuting in a surprise thunderstorm, or any occasion that calls for a temporary shortening of trousers, Zakkerz will abbreviate your rolled-up pant legs in style, without doing any damage whatsoever to your favorite trousers. Brilliant! I'm now the proud possessor of several sets of Zakkerz, and plan on ordering several more as gifts for dog-owning friends.

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