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"You, Better! with Ceslie Armstrong" FAST, EASY, FRESH with CHEF KERRY HEFFERNAN and DIVYA GUGNANI

Home | You Better!™ | "You, Better! with Ceslie Armstrong" FAST, EASY, FRESH with CHEF KERRY HEFFERNAN and DIVYA GUGNANI

Guests include celebrity chef Kerry Heffernan, culinary expert Divya Gugnani, and editor of TheGoodCook.com Beth Goehring with her pick for the best book to create fast, easy and fresh food at home. Here, learn valuable and easy tips and solutions from our experts to save money and time.

Beth Goehring



"Reading is not only a lifelong passion, but it's my job. As the editor-in-chief for a group of book clubs that includes Book-of-the-Month Club®, The Literary Guild®, Doubleday Book Club®, Mystery Guild®, and The Good Cook®, I hear the early buzz about what will soon be hot in everything from autobiography to zoology. In any week, my colleagues and I review hundreds of upcoming books to choose those that really deliver, whether it's with fascinating characters, an unforgettable story, a vicarious thrill, a wealth of useful information or compelling inspiration. Hands-down, the best thing about my job is finding that hidden gem, a novel that wasn't lavished with a huge marketing budget, not for lack of charm or quality, but because of a publisher's limited resources. When I can make a match between one of these unsung heroes and a grateful reader, then I've done my job well!"

Beth's pick featured in this episode:

"The Bon Appétit Fast Easy Fresh Cookbook" by Barbara Fairchild

Chef Kerry Heffernan


executive chef of Southgate at The Essex House, NYC
Executive Chef Kerry Heffernan brings 20 years of culinary excellence, experience and leadership to the kitchen of South Gate. After graduating second in his class from the Culinary Institute of America, Kerry honed his skills at such highly regarded restaurants as Montrachet, Le Régence, Restaurant Bouley and Mondrian before landing his first post as Chef de Cuisine at One Fifth Avenue. Kerry later became the Executive Chef of the Westbury Hotel’s famed Polo Restaurant, training ground of such extraordinary talents as Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud. In 1998, Kerry became the opening Executive Chef and eventually partner at Union Square Hospitality Group’s Eleven Madison Park.

Over the course of his career, Kerry has remained active outside the kitchen with numerous volunteer services, such as cooking for Share Our Strength, Project by Project, City Meals on Wheels, Kids for Kids and both the Central Park and Madison Square Park Conservancies.

Divya Gugnani


founder/ceo of BehindTheBurner.com
Divya Gugnani acquired a taste for her future in culinary arts while building a career in finance. In addition to a B.S. from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, Divya holds a degree from the French Culinary Institute, where she discovered her inner chef. Divya started her career at Goldman Sachs and then worked at Investcorp International and Millennium Technolgy Ventures. Most recently, as a venture capitalist and Principal at FirstMark Capital, Divya provided companies with strategic and operational guidance to achieve their visions. Divya has also catered events and worked in restaurant kitchens while managing her corporate boardroom responsibilities. With the creation of Behind the Burner, Divya blends her long-time passion for culinary arts with her expertise in business.

Here are six tips to make your next soiree a breeze:

"Divya's Six Tips for Cocktail Success"

--The 15-Minute Tip: Take the white wine out of the fridge 15 minutes before serving, and put the red wine in the fridge 15-miuntes before serving

--Try garnishing your cocktail with a cinnamon stick, edible flowers or fresh pineapple.

--If you don’t have an ice crusher, put some cubes in a towel and break them with a mallet.

--Soften lemons/limes by rolling them in your hands and on your countertops, this will help get the most juice out.

--Match the weight of the food to the weight of the wine. Lighter foods tend to pair well with lighter wines. A light fish dish, or a simple salad paired with a light crisp white such as Pinot Grigio or Muscadet usually works well. Conversely, full-bodied dishes such as veal stew or a New York Strip steak work well with richer wines such as Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.

--Planning wine for a party? For cocktail parties - Figure on 1 - 1 /2 glasses of wine per person, per hour. For Dinners: Depending on length of dinner, number of courses and day of the week, figure on 1/2 - 1 bottle of wine per person. One case of wine yields approximately 75 drinks


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