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"You, Better! with Ceslie Armstrong" MODERN TEA TRENDS with JOHN-PAUL LEE and BETH GOEHRING

Home | You Better!™ | "You, Better! with Ceslie Armstrong" MODERN TEA TRENDS with JOHN-PAUL LEE and BETH GOEHRING

Guests include founder of Tavalon Tea John-Paul Lee with the latest in tea spa treatments, tea sommelier Chris Cason makes tea cocktails, and editor of HomestyleBooks.com Beth Goehring with her picks for the best books about tea. Here, our healthy, fun and modern take on this ancient beverage.

Beth Goehring



"Reading is not only a lifelong passion, but it's my job. As the editor-in-chief for a group of book clubs that includes Book-of-the-Month Club®, The Literary Guild®, Doubleday Book Club®, Mystery Guild®, and The Good Cook®, I hear the early buzz about what will soon be hot in everything from autobiography to zoology. In any week, my colleagues and I review hundreds of upcoming books to choose those that really deliver, whether it's with fascinating characters, an unforgettable story, a vicarious thrill, a wealth of useful information or compelling inspiration. Hands-down, the best thing about my job is finding that hidden gem, a novel that wasn't lavished with a huge marketing budget, not for lack of charm or quality, but because of a publisher's limited resources. When I can make a match between one of these unsung heroes and a grateful reader, then I've done my job well!"

John-Paul Lee


founder, ceo of Tavalon Tea
In 2005, Tavalon Co-Founder and CEO John-Paul Lee was sitting in Covent Garden in London, drinking a Caffe Latte. As he looked at the people around him, he noted that all of them- folks both young and old, from all different walks of life- were not sharing in his coffee-drinking experience, but instead enjoying tea. As an American, used to the frenetically fast-paced life coffee chains have inspired, this struck him as unusual, but amazing. Upon returning to the States, Lee brought the seed of inspiration of tea with him, sharing it with his friend, and another Tavalon Co-Founder, Sonny Caberwal. The two quit their corporate jobs and set off to bring the seed to fruition. All they needed was a tea expert to bring this idea to life.

Luckily for them, they soon discovered Tea Sommelier and the final Co-Founder of Tavalon, Chris Cason, at a tea convention in Las Vegas. The three quickly realized that this dream could actually be realized, and Tavalon was formed. The mission of Tavalon was simple and clear...CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THE STORY

Chris Cason


co-founder of Tavalon Tea, tea sommeliere
Chris Cason is the Co-Founder and Tea Sommelier of Tavalon Tea. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of "Tavalon's Voice" a Tea blog and he has more than ten years of research and development experience in loose-leaf teas. Chris is the author of A Guide to Tea and inspires your teacups through Tavalon Tea.

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